Friday, November 4, 2011

October 31, 2011

Halloween!!!  Finally!  Today was a full day of trick or treating.  We went to work/daycare a little late in the morning and had fun hanging out together at home for a couple extra hours.  Lily had to go to daycare and was dreading naptime - I don't blame her.  Kid was *so* excited to go trick or treating.  I was able to meet up with her at daycare just before her class went trick or treating and helped her finish getting into her costume.  Here she is with Sheera, Iron Man, Hellboy, Tinkerbelle and Thomas the Train.

After a half-hour of trick-or-treating around the county building (and LOTS of "DON'T RUN MARY POPPINS!!!) we packed up and headed to Alpine to see Grandma & Grandpa Eddington.  Unfortunately, Grandpa was on an errand and we didn't get to see him. :(  But I'm sure Grandma showed him some pics.  We accidentally left her hat at daycare, which Jason was able to pick up on his way home (he worked up at the range all day) so she wasn't without it for the evening.  Just the trip to Grandma's. 

(She is such a ham.  I'm sure this is what she thinks is beautiful posing, as Mary Poppins would do for sure.)

And finally, evening trick or treating with cousins in Lehi.  Girlfriend was SUGARED out by the end of the night and we were both exhausted!  I love Halloween!  My little Mary Poppins told me several times how much she loved her costume - makes it all worth it!

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Shelley said...

That costume is seriously amazing! (And my hair doesn't like to stay curly either). :(