Monday, October 10, 2011

October 8, 2011

Holy awesome day.  Jason went up camping/hunting which was the only downside.  We were invited to spend the day with Bree & her whole family.  It started out with a Gowers family photo shoot where we witness to a drug deal going down in Midvale.  That was fun.  :)  It was quite a chilly morning so we headed to McDonald's next and warmed up with some hot chocolate and a little lunch.  We then drove up to Bree's brother-in-law's pumpkin farm where we got to choose a few pumpkins to bring home!!  Lily enjoyed stomping around that patch and finding pumpkins - she loved it!! 

Next up was Black Island Farms in Syracuse - which was so much fun.  Huge slides, lots of animals to see and feed, corn maze, a "corn pile" (like a sand pile but with corn).  This place was a blast and I hope we can go up and do it again next year.  The only drawback was a stupid kid throwing corn repeatedly at little kids.  I got after him when he didn't believe me that it was "against the rules" (It totally was!  I saw it on the sign on the way in) and his mom showed up and acted super snotty and didn't even discipline her bully child.  UGH.  Whatever - small bump in the road. 

We wrapped things up at a fantastic mexican restaurant that was pretty new - I don't even remember the name but they had an amazing salsa bar - with fresh cilantro guac (no tomatoes!!!) and another super delish mango spicy salsa.  The entree was GREAT too.  Lily was so tired that after she finished eating, she climbed into my lap and fell asleep in the middle of the restaurant. 

It was a day I won't soon forget.  We really had such a good time!  Thank you Bree & Robbie!!

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